• Mike King's Presidency began an era of change in The Wednesday Crew. This included the first time that a member was re-inducted into the TWC. On January 5th, 2011 Amanda Mueller would make history by being the first member to be inducted in the TWC twice and return from the graveyard and would be forever referred to as "Monster Reborn"
  • This Age would also bring in one of the original members, Susanna Mostaghim, leaving The Wednesday Crew due to creative disputes with the President Mike E King. This led to a search for a new female member and the eventual reentry of Amanda Mueller.
  • Mike would also change the TWC Government. First, He changed the "Alpha Female" Position that was vacated by Susie Mostaghim to "First Lady" and gave the position to relatively new TWC Member Jenny Thompson. Also, He would a new position that would serve as pretty much another Vice President this position would be known as 3rd in command and would be given to Mikiyas Negussie.
  • Mike King also introduced a brand new sleek looking blade runner style TWC logo.
  • The Age of Mike King saw himself actively trying to get more members into the TWC to ensure we had the best, due to personal issues Mitchell Ryan Smith vacanted his position, and due to a issue with the President Amanda Mueller was kicked out of the TWC yet again. This led to search for replacements which Mike King enlisted the two Vice Presidents to help out which led to the intitation of Ryan Galloway and the induction of Emily Dunston.
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