• Competitors: Hopefully 10 but well take as many as we can get.
  • Setup:
  • 1.) First, everyone draws a number between 1 and however many people are playing. A neutral non-competitor should keep track of everyone’s number so that it is a secret to the competitors and any spectators.
  • 2.) Each competitor has three cups, which they bring to the table when theyre turn is up.
  • Start of the Match:
  • 1.) Whoever drew numbers 1 and 2 begin the match, each with there pryamid of three. They shall put their cups on opposing ends of the table
  • During Gameplay:
  • 1) The two players play each other like it is a normal match except with only a three cup pyramid. When a player loses all three of their cups they will be eliminated and the person who drew the next number will step up and the person who played perviously gets any knocked out cups back and resets there pryamid
  • 2) This will go on until the final two competitors are at the table and the winner will become the first ever TWC Pong Champion
  • Other Shit:
  • 1) You do not need to be a current member of TWC to participate and become the TWC Pong Champion (I'm looking at you mueller)
  • 2) Ideally, you would have to defend the championship so Brandon or any other senior probably shouldn't play but are more than welcomed to.
  • 3) The numbers will be placed in a hat and be picked out before the game. Brandon or someone will probably keep track of everyone's numbers.
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