• Former President of The Wednesday Crew
  • Big Brother to all the members of TWC
  • Knows how to treat a woman.
  • Has never eaten a hot dog
  • Will slap you across the face with his ring hand if you act a fool
  • Under his beard there is believed to be the fountain of youth
  • He will never shave it.
  • His tears cure cancer
  • Too bad he never cries
  • Believed to be the true cousin of Jesus Christ
  • First member to have an event to be named after him, TWC Celebrates the Life & Times of Brandon Sodhi
  • There are some choice rumors about Brandon Sodhii: ghosts sit around the campfire telling Brandon Sodhi stories, the Black Eyed Peas were originally named The Peas until they met Brandon Sodhi, Brandon Sodhi is the reason why Waldo is hiding, and giraffes did not exist until Brandon Sodhi got mad at a horse.
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