• Otherwise known as the day Mike King went apeshit on everyone
  • He had this to say about Susie: "This one probably doesn't surprise anyone .... Susie. This isnt because of the typical your boring and your hard to have a conversation with crap that alot people are annoyed of you for. This is because you bitch and complain all the time about your littlest little problems that you like to blame all the other people in the world for except for the person who 90% of the time is at fault, you. I also like how you bitch that no one in TWC wants to talk to you when every fucking week when we hangout you isolate yourself in your little bubble and block everyone out. And AND how you complain that you'll never get a date and that no guy would ask you out when you and i know you could probably get any guy you wanted but your just like the bitch that had mikiyas wrapped around her finger and you like to lead perfectly nice guys on. (You know who I'm talking about)"
  • Then Susie Mysteriously Died
  • R.I.P. Susie!
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