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Group Shot at FWOS

  • On October 17th, 2009. The Wednesday Crew would suffer one of the greatest tragedies in Earth's history: Formal Wednesday on Saturday. An ill-fated attempt at a pre-Homecoming party at Mike King's house. The following is the description of FWOS.
  • "okay. Formal wednesday on saturday is this.
  • Imagine the typical Wednesday crew day. Mike's house, then some sort of walk over to McDonalds or Subway, with other shenanigans possibly thrown in.
  • Now imagine all of that, but on a Saturday, with everyone dressed up in their Homecoming outfits. Now you have Formal wednesday on saturday." - Brandon Sodhi
  • ".....and THEN we goto Homecoming" - Mike King
  • This would be one of the worst decisions in TWC History. Many thought the crew would never regroup.
  • After FWoS, the TWC events that followed were largely considered to be disappointments. Many speculators thought that this was the end of The Wednesday Crew. The "Final Event" occured on January 16, 2010.
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