• The TWC Tradition of Pong began at Mike King's 16th Birthday Party and continued at TWC's very 1st Birthday! and is still played at almost every major TWC event to this day.
  • Set Up: Two players stand at each end of the table, with a pyramid of 3, 6, or 10 cups filled with beverages (usuallly generic soda)
  • Start of the Match: The two players toss a coin the winning call starts the match.
  • Gameplay: Every turn a player gets one toss. If the cap makes it into one of the opponents cups they must drink, if they knock over there own cup they mus drink, if the opponent knocks over their own cup they must drink
  • Winning the Match: Whoever clears their opponents cups first is the victor.
  • Also see Tag Team Pong Big Ass Pong Challenge Survivor Series
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    Traditional Pong Set Up

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