• Competitors: Two teams of between three and five players.
  • Team Mike (featuring Mike King and his teammates) vs Team Mikiyas (featuring Mikiyas "27 Inch" Negussie and his teammates) Anyone who is coming is welcomed to play.
  • Before the Game: Mikiyas and Mike will both toss a coin in the air and say ayooo. Whoever guesses it correctly gets first pick in the draft and their team goes first.
  • Setup: Each team has three cups for each member of their team. Each player is to use a marker to label their three cups with their name. Then each team's cups are arranged in as close to a pyramid formation as possible with the labels facing them. It is crucial to your success that the opposing team cannot see the labels of your cups.
  • During Gameplay:
  • 1.) One turn consists of each member of a team taking one shot (E.G. If you have five players there will be five shots overall for that turn). If all of the team's shots successfully hit a cup, that teams receives another turn.
  • 2.) When a cup is sunk by a ball, the defending team must reveal the label of that cup. Whoever that cup belongs to must drink its contents.
  • 3.) When all of a player's cups have been sunk, they are eliminated from the match.
  • 4.) When a player is eliminated from a match, that team loses his/her shot for the rest of the match (E.G. A team of five players that goes down to four players now only gets four shots per turn). While losing players puts a team at a disadvantage, it makes it easier for them to make all of their shots and receive another turn so never lose hope
  • 5.) When the last player on a team is eliminated, the other team wins. There is no redemption or overtime.
  • 6.) Also, in the event that the winning team has more then one competitor left they will compete in another match to crown "The Ultimate Survivor" ALSO Mike E. Kings TWC Pong Championship will be on the line and "The Ultimate Survivor" will walk out as the TWC Pong Champion. Woohooo
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