• On August 11th, 2010, TWC had what is considered to be the greatest event in crew history. "TWC Celebrates the Life & Times of Brandon Sodhi" was a milestone event for many reasons. It was the largest event to date, as well as the final event of Brandon Sodhi's presidency.
  • Many highlights of this event include a epic Tag Team Pong match up which put Mikiyas Negussie and James Morrison up against Mike King and Brandon Sodhi. In a dramatic match that went right down to the wire, Mike and Brandon barely beat Jay and Mikiyas.
  • The Event concluded with a speech by Brandon Sodhi passing the torch to Mike King to continue to traditions of the TWC and be its new President. Mike King's first order of business was to run through sprinklers.
  • Chang Yeon Kim was named the new Vice President at this event.
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