• Took place on June 22, 2011
  • First event of Summer 2011
  • Originally named "La Gran Fiesta de Verano" but later renamed due to the old school feel of the event.
  • Mike King and Brandon Sodhi had a 60 Minute Ironman Match due to Brandon bashing the Original Ironman Match claiming that he could make the whole hour without vomiting. The match was made at around the 26 minute mark Brandon was feeling quezy and frofeited the match to Mike
  • This resembled a Guys Night Out concept due to lack of female.
  • The crew at hand played Poker and Smart Ass which is a trivia board game that was originally introduced at Brandon Sodhi's house.
  • Boardwalk Fries was eaten by the dub for the first time
  • "Have you ever fucked a dog? Don't do it its not worth it"
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