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Poster for TWC Reunion 2010

On March 31, 2010, The Wednesday Crew was officially reunited and had its very first milestone event in History. This event is still considered to be one of the greatest events in TWC History, and would serve to show a lot of insight into the future of the crew. This event is also noted to be the first event with a president and vice president at the helm, as well as the first event where food was eaten somewhere other than Subway or Mcdonalds.

  • This event would also feature the very first Intiations in TWC history. Andrew Carter would be initiated by asking for a steak at a McDonald's counter while being video taped. Footage of this would not reach the public due to a McDonalds employee not being a good sport. Paloma Flynn was forced to have her buttocks grabbed by every male member of The Wednesday Crew. Lorenz Cruz and Andrew Carter were hesitant of this.
  • A drunken young homeless man in his late 20's began to follow The Wednesday Crew on their way back to Mike's house. The man did very strange things such as clean his fingernails with a knife, braid flowers, and show young teenagers cell phone poop pictures of his girlfriends breasts. He instilled fear into Lorenz Cruz and Mikiyas Negussie forcing them to run the other way. He was at first believed to be a friend of Brandon Sodhi's, however, this claim was denied by Brandon, who stated that he had no idea who he was or that he had a knife. He was later inducted as a honorary member of The Wednesday Crew.
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