• TWCReunion'11 2

    The Poster used for TWC Reunion.

TWC Reunion '11

Rare Original Poster used for TWC Reunion 2011 (with old members that were kicked out prior to the event)

On May 7th, 2011 The Wednesday Crew had its second annual "TWC Reunion" to commenerate the end of year two and to celebrate the beginning of year 3 of the TWC
  • This event featured the TWC Debuts of Emily Dunston and Scott David
  • The day started off with Mike King making everyone chocolate milkshakes on the magic bullet blender. Which we are hoping becomes a TWC staple
  • The TWC gathered to watch Courage the Cowardly Dog on the tv in reminicent of the legendary Cartoon Network Status
  • The 60 Minute Pong Challenge between Mikiyas Negussie and Mike E King took place in which after 30 minutes of excellent pong action Mikiyas asked to take a break due to his upset stomach. So at a tied score of 3-3 they went to a half time only to return the 2nd half with Mikiyas winning 8-3 and capturing the TWC Pong Championship
  • Lorenz Cruz made his return after a lengthy absence
  • The TWC's interview of Emily Dunston turned into a lengthy history lesson.
  • As per TWC tradition the group went to Popeyes and devoured chicken and while it seemed that the night was over then it had only just begun as Brandon Sodhi took remaining members of the crew out to chinese food while Mikiyas Ryan Galloway and Paloma Flynn went to go see the musical
  • We all met up at McDonald's where Ryan Galloway went downstairs to Paloma and her mormons and yelled "YOU GAVE ME GONERHEA YOU WHORE" which Mike Kings idea and this ended with everyone running into Brandons car
  • We then proceeded to play hide and go seek at 10 o'clock at night at the plaza and then went looking for a missing girl.
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