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Poster for the first ever Tag Team Pong that put Mike King and Brandon Sodhi against Mikiyas Negussie and James Morrision

  • Competitors: Two teams of two players each.
  • Setup: Each player has their own pyramid formation of six cups to be placed on opposing sides and ends of the table.
  • Start of the Match: Each match begins with the appointed captain of each team staring each other in the eyes and attempting to throw a capl into one of their opponents' cups. The winning team receives first possession.
  • During Gameplay:
  • 1.) Each tag team has one “legal man” and one “illegal man”. The legal man shoots for his team when it is their turn and is shot at when it is the opposing team's turn.
  • 2.) The illegal man is allowed to assist his team by taunting/distracting opponents and attempting to block bounce shots.
  • 3.) Any shots that land into an illegal man’s cup do not count and may not be thrown again.
  • 4.) A legal man can tag his partner making himself illegal and the partner the new legal man. However, tags may only take place while a team is on offense, before their last capl is thrown.
  • Winning the Match:
  • 1.) When all of a player’s cups have been made, they receive a redemption turn during which they may attempt to sink the remainder of the other team’s legal man (unless the opponent brought it back).
  • 2.) No tags can be made during the redemption turn. If redemption is successful, the match goes into overtime. If unsuccessful, the match is over. There is no elimination. It's the equivalent of a pinfall in wrestling- when one man is pinned, the entire tag team loses.
  • Overtime:
  • 1.) Both players who lost all of their cups receive three more cups and the match carries on as normal until a winner is decided.
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