Ever since the dawn of time they're have been great rivals. In Baseball, its the Yankees and the Red Sox's. In Drinks, its Coke and Pepsi. In the animal kingdom its koalas and possums (they fucking hate each other man). In the TWC, its Mike King and Mikiyas Negussie

  • Two of the original members and founding fathers of the TWC. At many times these two are the best of friends but also can very well be the best of enemies. Ironically enough, there rival not only helped pave the way and set the stage for the TWC but also established many of the traditions the TWC celebrate today.
  • The rivalry first began during Freshmen Year when the two began arguing with each other for weeks at a time until Mike eventually challenged Mikiyas to a Strut Off
  • No one was quite sure what the strut off was and I don't anyone really knows to this day but who cares cause it was scrapped in favor of writing The Mikiyas Negussie Story
  • However, the built in feud was still there. Later that summer during the early days of the TWC Mike and Mikiyas battled each other many times over Super Smash Bros. Brawl. In the beginning victories would normally would go to mikiyas but as Mike got more expierenced he began to pick up some wins as well.
  • The Rivalry however was settled down for a while. Until the introduction of Pong during Mike King's 16th Birthday Party
  • Mike who had just defeated Edson Aristondo Amanda Mueller and Jordan Walker in 3 very close match ups was challenged by Mikiyas. Mikiyas end up winning the match by one cup.
  • As the months went on a fire grew in Mike's belly and the flame of competition burned on until the summer. A rematch was signed at TWC's very 1st Birthday!
  • Mike and Mikiyas's match up with Brandon Sodhi and James Morrison in their corners was the main attraction of this notorious TWC event. Mikiyas won with only one cup to spare in a truly epic encounter. A Tag Team Pong Challenge was thrown down by Mike and Brandon for TWC Celebrates the Life & Times of Brandon Sodhi. In another epic encounter that left all four competitors in the match at one cup Brandon and Mike defeated Jay and Mikiyas.
  • A final one on one match up between Mike and Mikiyas occured at the end of the summer in which Mike won retaining the TWC Pong Championship
  • If history has taught us anything its that this rivalry will never die and neither of them can't let ANYTHING go (especially mike)
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