Before The Wednesday Crew one of the many things that paved the way for the TWC was The Mikiyas Negussie Story.

  • One evening during Winter Break of Freshmen Year, Mike King and Mikiyas Negussie were chatting on facebook and began to comment on one of Paloma Flynn's pictures and discussed the idea of creating a movie
  • Later that night a drunken Mike King and oddly sober Mikiyas Negussie would make due on that promise and began writing a cinematic adventure on each others walls.
  • In fear of the story being leaked to the masses however Mike and Mikiyas deleted the wall posts and saved all the entries in a Facebook Note and tagged everyone who was a character in the movie.
  • To much surprise to both Mike and Mikiyas the movie was hit with everyone involved and they were begging for more
  • Mike and Mikiyas began to write Part 2 which also became a rousing success
  • Once Part 3 came around however tension rose between Mike and Mikiyas you will notice this in reading the chapter due to lack of "mikiyasness" it had
  • Part 4 brought the duo back together and was a return to its original form
  • The duo decided to make the fifth and final chapter of the film Five parts in its own, which confused fucking everyone but they made it work
  • Much conversation surrounds the final scene in the film but Mike and Mikiyas claim it really couldnt have ended any other
  • Sequels were made but the magic just wasn't there
  • Paramount, Disney, and Universal have approached Mike and Mikiyas to make the movie on the big screen, Mike has commented on this by saying "they just don't have the right price" following this remark Bangz McCoy kicked him in the balls (I have a stuntman named pasha dammit)
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